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Gallina Cuyada

The parish of the valley is located in the north of the city of Loja (Ecuador) and the
The inhabitants of the sector consider that it is one of the oldest, it is traditional for its
architecture and for the restaurants that offer different typical dishes from Loja such as guinea pig, the cuyada chicken accompanied with potatoes and the inevitable glass of horchata.
The chicken cuyada is born in the hollow of Doña Dolores Silva, better known in the world of
kitchen as: (lolita salon) this dish was given, at the suggestion of customers who did not like it
They liked guinea pigs, that’s how they told him, to prepare this delicious chicken dish with
guinea pig flavor. In this new dish you can not miss the delicious salad that together with the tomato , the onion and lettuce perfectly accompany the decoration and balance the flavor of the chicken guinea pig flavor.

Diario El Tiempo. (29 de enero de 2012).

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