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The origin of the Llapingachos is attributed to the Salasaca indigenous people of the province of Tungurahua, in the central highlands of Ecuador. The original name of this dish seems
come from the word llapin which in Quechua means crushed.
The potato, native to the Andean region, was one of the great discoveries of the new
world in the early 1500s at the time of the conquest: he helped fight and save from the
great famines to the Old Continent.
The llapingachos can be eaten as an accompaniment to meat, in particular it is eaten
with baked suckling pig or chorizo, or also as an appetizer accompanied by a sauce
called Curtido, although it is also accompanied by peanut sauce. To prepare the
llapingachos, the potatoes are peeled and cooked in a pot with plenty of water and salt.
When they are cooked and soft, place them in a bowl and add the butter, a
splash of milk and black pepper. Using a fork, mash it into a smooth purée.
creamy. Subsequently, add egg and mix making sure that all the

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