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Mote Pillo

Mote pillo is a traditional Ecuadorian food made with mote and egg, it is a dish
typical of the provinces of Azuay and Cañar.
The nickname of the kichwa muti is a variety of Andean corn as old as the Inca empire.
From traditional cultivation and floury flavor, it is so versatile that it has immense possibilities.
culinary, it is also called giant white corn.
Of pre-Hispanic origin since 1590 the nickname is part of the indigenous table, they cooked it in
clay vessels, firewood and ash, to achieve its smoothness and breakage.
The nickname is a complete, energetic and antioxidant food that keeps the apparatus healthy
digestive, and also helps reduce cholesterol levels. B complex vitamins
it contains contribute to the proper functioning of the central nervous system.

It is a very complete food from a nutritional point of view. It has a high rate of
complex polysaccharide carbohydrates (for 100 grams of grain there are 25 carbohydrates) and
in fiber, which makes it a satiating food and a good source of energy. contributes
113 calories per 100 grams and is gluten free. It is very rich in biotin and beta-carotene.
In addition, it contains generous amounts of phosphorus, calcium and magnesium.

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