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Bollo de Pescado

For many years, fish bollo has become a typical dish of the Ecuadorian coast. In the provinces of Manabí, Esmeraldas, Los Ríos, and Guayas, it is where this exquisite dish is mostly enjoyed.

Over time, fish bollo has become known in other cities such as Machala, where its people have turned this dish into something traditional of Machala. Nowadays, it is part of the city’s gastronomy. In Machala, there are several establishments and places that offer this delicious dish, but most citizens prefer to go to a place where they have this rich appetizer on their menu every day, and that is the “Bollo que Arde.”

Like cazuela, bollo is another of the few typical dishes of Ecuador that emerged from the mix of coastal cultures. The wrapping of the green plantain dough with fish in banana leaves is the best introduction that this delight has, which is not only tasted at breakfast but also at dinner.

Fish bollos are made with green plantain, fish, and peanuts. In some places, they prepare bollo with pork meat. This delicious dish can be enjoyed with a drink, which can be lemonade, orange juice, flavored water, coffee, or soda.

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