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We just have 2 rules:

1. In a shared space, it’s all about respecting other guests who are sleeping. Are you checking in late or coming back from partying? Please be whisper-quiet when moving about the hostel between 10pm and 8am(:

2. The neighbour’s children are getting cancer!!! Please don´t flick your cigarette butt over the end of the terrace – it might land on their heads):

Is there any chance you might need an extra night or two? We can add an extra couple of nights to your reservation, and if you don’t need them you can cancel anytime, with no cancellation charge (:

At the terrace we have free tea, milk, and filtered drinking water – have as much as you would like 🙂

 You have a free walking tour every morning at 10am starting at our in-house travel agency located on the ground floor of the building.

Thinking of doing some more trekking, going to the jungle, or maybe Galapagos? We can answer all your questions and help arrange anything  you need.

It’s also the perfect place to plan your trip and join our activities and adventures,

If you need a taxi, we can call one for you any time at reception, the travel agency or you can ask our security guard.

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Don’t miss our second hostel at Cotopaxi:

 … you can check photos, prices and more at or at our terrace.
The breakfast is served at the terrace from :7:30am -10:30am lots of options to decide from!
We Serve dinner every night from 7( family dinner style) – 10pm, we have limited numbers so please sign up as soon as you can. Sign up before 11am for a free dessert! 
We can also do laundry for you or rent you a towel, just ask at our laundry at the bottom floor
We cater to all dietary requirements – just ask

Sign up at reception

  We can also do laundry for you or rent you a towel, just ask at our laundry at the bottom floor
aaand the most important! Our happy hour 2×1 any drink from 6-7pm. FREE SNACKS INCLUDED FOR ALL 🙂
Wanna keep partying? Unfortunately as it’s a residential neighbourhood and for the peace of the guests, we have to close our terrace bar at 11pm. However, the fun doesn’t have to stop there, you can go to our after hours bar room on the ground floor to finish your drinks, or if you prefer join our authentic Ecuatorian party bus Chiva going to Mariscal at 11:15pm (Wed-Sat)
We also offer Spanish classes, please ask at reception or contact this number if you are interested +593986310538 
Ask for our special offer! 
Come on you can’t leave Ecuador without improving your Spanish!
Remember you are in a shared place be mindful of your belongings and use the lockers to secure your valuables. We also have a FREE storage room that you can use as long as you want after checking out







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What is there to do ?

 Check our 

Top 10 things to do in Quito and around.

And Finally:

50% OFF in food and drinks


 Just post a story, tiktok, photo or review ( good or bad) of the hostel on any Social media, tag us (Secret Garden Ecuador) and show it to our receptionist and thats it 50% off


Welcome to the jungle! Please just enter your details here
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Tell us more about yourself. What do you like? What do you want to discover or experience? What kind of food do you want to try? Where are you coming from? And where do you plan to go next? Do you have any questions about Quito or Ecuador? We are experts with 18 years of experience, we would love to help you