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Guayasense gastronomy is known for the excellent quality of its fish and seafood. A large number of unique and native dishes characterize it. The red crab is one of the main ingredients of its culinary identity. They are consumed throughout the year except for two fishing bans, one between the months of January and February, and another from August 15th to September 15th, which are the periods in which they reproduce.

The crab is a treasure of gastronomy because it is more than just legs and shell; its claws hold a special meat that is a true delicacy. Its consumption constitutes a ritual that brings together family and friends who enjoy the crab feast in a cheerful and friendly atmosphere. The tradition of the crab feast is believed to have been carried out since pre-Hispanic populations in the coastal area located near the mangroves of the coast, which facilitated the capture of the crustacean.It is usually accompanied by red onion salad and ripe plantain.

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