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Chontaduro: Fermented Drink in Ecuador

It is a fermented drink made from the fruits of the chonta, known
like chontaduros It is a chicha that often replaces the also common chicha
cassava. It is a thick drink with a strong, somewhat acid flavor, which is prepared only
when the fruit is in season. It is served in pilches or deep mates -mukawas in Kichwa-.

Men are in charge of harvesting the fruit, while preparing the drink
It is in the hands of the women. It can also be consumed without fermentation, which is known
as “chonta milkshake”. Chicha made from chonta – just like that made from yuca or corn – is very linked as the relationships and social values within the different nationalities. Have
chicha de chonta in the house, during the season, is a sign of responsibility within the
Familia. In the same way, offering chicha de chonta is an honor and for those who receive it it is
to privilege; for this reason, when it is served, it should not be denied.

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