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According to historical records, encocado was already being prepared in pre-colonial times, as evidence suggests that tribes inhabiting the coasts of what is now Ecuador were already preparing something similar. And although it did not have all the ingredients seen today, it was basically a primitive version of encocado.

Now, once the Spaniards arrived in America, everything changed, including gastronomy, as many dishes consumed by Spaniards and natives changed when they mixed with each other to form new flavors. It was then that the original idea came from Africa, as some Africans saw the prototype of encocado and wanted to change it, using local American condiments for this: fish, coconut, and rice. Creating the first encocado – very similar to the modern one – and the excitement that this recipe caused in both natives and Spaniards alike, led to its frequent preparation.

This allowed it to spread and pass down from generation to generation until it became what it is today.

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