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Baking is a special ritual. It is to return to those flavors that transport us: flavor of
nostalgia, the family, the desire to meet again and celebrate Quito. And there is
cities and dates that are linked to its gastronomy and are inseparable. that’s why we can’t
start December without the craving for a bake coming to our heads.

Baking is the product of miscegenation. It was the Spaniards who brought eight pigs
Iberians on the second voyage of Christopher Columbus to America and, although we know that he was born from the
Spanish suckling pig tradition, in our land, we gave it its own shape.

Many consider—especially Quito residents—that Sangolquí is the ‘world capital of
baked’. But if we left the city, another would be the appreciation, since it is very probable that
the dish originates from other provinces. In Carchi, Chimborazo and Azuay there is also everything
a cult around the hornado. And, today, there is not a corner of the country where it is not
prepare, each province with some particularity where the creativity and variety of
Local ingredients come to the fore.

Comida Ecuatoriana (2022)

Pomasqui (s,f)

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