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Roasted Guinea Pig

The roasted guinea pig is a typical dish with a lot of tradition in the Azuayan capital. It is a term
kichwa which means rodent mammal and this animal is native to the Los Andes
Andes. In Ecuador, the highest consumption of guinea pig is in Cuenca.
According to historical records, the guinea pig was domesticated in Inca times and was used in
sacrifice as an offering to the gods of nature. But also as daily food
because its meat is very tasty, it has a high omega 3 content and it can be prepared
different ways.
Raising this species of animal is a tradition among families in rural areas, mainly for daily consumption or sale. But there are also associations that dedicated to this activity to supply the product to the restaurants that offer this typical dish within its menu.
In Cuenca it is a tradition to eat roast guinea pig at family parties and it is increasing
There are exclusive places to eat this typical dish that is made up of guinea pig, nickname,
llapingachos and salad, and where the majority of Cuencanos and visitors go. For
For Europeans it is a curious and exotic recipe, and many do not leave this city without trying it.

David Salas (2020).

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