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Sango de Camaron

Sango is considered a heritage of Ecuadorian gastronomy, and it originates from the coastal regions. As a simple dish, it is one of the most delicious and has an excellent historical background, making it one of the most consumed dishes on Ecuadorian tables.

Due to its excellent taste, the great variety of ingredients that can be used to prepare a Sango can be highlighted. Its base ingredients are green plantains or commonly known as “verde” and peanut paste, which gives it its special touch.

These ingredients are accompanied by vegetables such as red or white onions, peppers, tomatoes, all according to the taste of the person who prepares this delicious delicacy. And as a special ingredient, fish, which is usually the most used to complement this dish. But not only fish can be used, it can also be varied with shrimp, squid or even tuna. Below, you can find the recipe for this wonderful dish.

Recetas 123 (s,f)

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