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Typical food of Ecuador (Coast and Amazonia)

Ecuador is a mega diverse and pluricultural country blessed with unique geographical conditions that give life to an extensive variety of cultures, which over the generations have transmitted a multitude of traditional dishes that today are enjoyed and are available to all lovers of good food. Since it has one of the most varied cuisines that exist in America with great influence of gastronomy, which is known as one of the best in the world, due to this mixture of cultures and knowledge have been created dishes which have the identity of their region well captured. They amaze the palate and good taste.
Ecuadorian cuisine is strongly influenced throughout its history by the people who conquered its territory: (Incas and Spaniards) who came to our country at the time of the conquest, that is to say that its food is the set of the following influences: native inhabitants, Spanish conquerors, and neighboring countries for their similarity of food. In addition, the customs and cultures that give origin to the Ecuadorian gastronomy or also known under the name of Creole or typical food.
In the 19th century, the French and the English arrived and taught us their gastronomy applied to all kinds of dishes and ingredients. The eating habits, among others, of our indigenous ancestors were changed. The variation in the dishes and the influences on the tables depends on the area where it comes from as well as the natural resources available, these can be abundant or poor in a region, as well as the multiple climates or unequal social developments can affect the growth of a cuisine and make a difference.
Therefore, our gastronomy symbolizes both our roots and our current identity.
Each province is characterized by a variety of dishes and beverages, which represent the richness of its land and the culture of its people. This reality positions Ecuador as a potential culinary destination, capable of offering a variety of experiences around its traditional food. Through a culinary sample, you can understand the nature of a people, their lifestyle, their culture and know a tourist destination in depth. In this way, the promotion of a transforming and meaningful tourism, a conscious tourism, is consolidated.

Coast Region
In this region, thanks to its coastline with connection to the Pacific Ocean, various marine products can be supplied to different parts of the country. Among the foods from the sea are different fish, seafood that are an excellent source of protein, as well as cassava and green which is rich in essential nutrients such as carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals and its great charm is that it combines wonderfully with seafood with its flavors create a delicious synergy. A corviche with picudo, green baskets with shrimp, green casserole and a green cake with sea bass are just some of the preparations that impress and seduce the palate.
The most important coastal dishes are:
Encebollado: It is considered the distinctive dish in Ecuadorian gastronomy. It consists of a fish broth (albacore) with yucca, peppers, onion, tomato, lemon and herbs. It is usually accompanied with chifle, tostado or canguil. It is a dish of pre-Columbian origin.
Ceviches: This dish has as main ingredient shrimp, squid, shell and fish. It is also considered a star dish in Ecuadorian gastronomy.
Corviche: The base of its preparation is a green plantain and peanut dough, with a fish filling. It is a type of fried or oval-shaped croquette and is a typical delicacy especially in the province of Manabí.
Bolón de verde: It is a very popular dish in the Coast, especially at breakfast time and is basically made of mashed green plantain mixed with Creole cheese and chicarrón.
Caldo de salchicha o manguera: It is a popular dish in the coastal region. It is said to be ideal for chuchaqui and its main ingredient is pork tripe, prepared with rice, cabbage, green plantains, pork blood and seasonings.
Encocado: It is a traditional dish from Esmeraldas, prepared with coconut, seafood (shrimp, crab or prawns) and fish. It is served with rice, patacones, tomato, avocado and lemon.

Amazon Region
The Ecuadorian Amazon is a fabulous reserve of animal and plant species. Traditional jungle dishes are made from piranhas and catfish that abound in the rivers, monkeys, parrots, manatees, manatee and tapir, green yucca, Chinese potato and fruits. The basic condiments are reduced to chili bell pepper and salt.

Among its different provinces we can taste the following typical dishes based on their culture and customs:
Ayampaco: It is a typical dish of the Shuar nationality, the chicken or fish is wrapped with the bijao leaf, and is accompanied with vegetables from the east, a portion of yucca and green.
Guayusa tea: Also called huesito, guayusa is a plant native to the Amazon. It is a stimulating plant that helps fight stress and fatigue.
Pincho de patas muyo or white cacao: Its seeds grow naturally in the Amazon rainforest. They are pierced with a skewer and roasted and served with yucca and a good chili bell pepper.
Chicha de chontaduro y yucca It is a fermented drink made from the fruits of the chonta and yucca, its consumption is very common in the Amazon.
Uchumanka It is a broth that is made with chili, fish or smoked chicken is placed as main ingredients, the soup is spicy.
The yucca chicha is the drink par excellence of eastern Ecuador.
Caldo de carachama A delicious soup with carachama fish, it is accompanied with yucca and green this preparation.
Chicha de yucca is the traditional drink of Ecuador.
Cassava cassava is the special ingredient of the Amazon jungle and it is with this product that tortillas are made and roasted in pots, known as the Amazonian bread.
Sinchicara: It is a drink considered medicinal, has several aromatic herbs such as chuchugaso, guayusa, cat’s claw, among others, with a touch of sugar cane brandy and flavored with other essences.

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