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Typical sweets from Quito

Ecuador is known for its exquisite and diverse gastronomy, its traditional dishes have made it worthy of nominations and gastronomic awards being the perfect destination to pamper the palate and gastronomic tourism and if it comes to sweets the city of Quito has a wide culinary variety that stands out for its diversity of flavors, aromas, colors and textures these traditional sweets are enjoyed by young and old on any occasion. Here we present the delicious typical sweets that Quito has to offer.

Mistelas from Quito
Popularly known as borrachitos, they are sweets of different colors and flavors covered with a layer of sugar and a center of liquid liquor ranging from rum, whiskey, wine and others. This combination of flavors makes it one of the favorite sweets to liven up the social gatherings of Quiteños, popular parties or any other pretext to celebrate, its sweetness will surely make you want to try more than one, but be careful or they will make you lose your mind.

The elaboration of these sweets dates back to colonial times since at that time it is said that they were served to women in the meetings of the elite of the time since at that time they could not consume alcoholic beverages being a substitute for toasts.

How is it prepared?
The recipe for this ancestral sweet is still a jealously guarded secret, however, it is known that its preparation takes approximately 9 hours, during which time it must be cooked to prevent the liquor from spilling.

Where can I taste them?
You can enjoy the traditional mistelas in the historic center of Quito. At the Archbishop’s Palace, in the Plaza Grande

They are small sweets filled with peanuts or almonds, this sweet is one of the favorites of the Quiteños, a perfect sweet to enjoy while walking through the streets of the capital, its filling makes tasting it an exciting experience. Its origin dates back to the XVI and XVIII centuries in the court of Madrid where it was popularized by being consumed during parties on the balconies being considered an aristocratic sweet.

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