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Yuca Bread

This wonder of Ecuadorian gastronomy does not use wheat flour but tapioca, a starch that gives this bite some very special characteristics. It is very soft on the inside and has a slightly hard shell on the outside, not forgetting the special touch and flavor that the cheese adds to it.

The starch used comes from cassava, a tropical tuber with great nutritional value and excellent culinary properties that are widely used in Latin American regional cuisine.

As for the origin of yuca bread, historians claim that it was born more than a hundred years ago in the province of Manabí, where there was no flour production, but cassava starch was available, which was perfectly used for making small bread rolls and tortillas. This traditional bite is usually enjoyed with a good cup of hot criollo coffee or tea for breakfast or afternoon snack, and it is also a custom in Ecuador to enjoy it with homemade yogurt.

This bread is very similar to other traditional recipes from Latin American countries that use cheese and cassava in their preparations. You can find the famous Argentine chipá, the delicious Colombian pan de bono, the cuñape in Bolivia, and the Brazilian pão de queijo.

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